Charlie Hunnam & Jack O'Connell are Brothers in 'Jungleland' Trailer

Jungleland Trailer

“We got one option – we fight.” Paramount has released a trailer for an emotional and gritty drama about brothers titled Jungleland, the latest from talented filmmaker Max Winkler (of Ceremony and Flower). A reluctant bare-knuckle boxer and his manager / brother must travel across the country for one last fight to pay off a debt to a mob boss, but an unexpected travel companion exposes the cracks in their bond along the way. Charlie Hunnam and Jack O’Connell star as the brothers Stan and Lion, with an exquisite cast featuring Jonathan Majors, Jessica Barden, Fran Kranz, John Cullum, Owen Burke, as well as Meredith Holzman. This is one hell of a trailer, also a showcase for the stunning cinematography by DP Damián García. A strong reminder that Winkler is a very good filmmaker and I hope he keeps making more. ›››

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