Mercenaries Stuck in a Never-Ending Stairwell in 'Black Ops' Trailer

Black Ops Trailer

“What was our mission?” Samuel Goldwyn Films has debuted the official trailer for an indie action horror called Black Ops, which is the new release title – it’s also known as The Ascent or Stairs. This originally premiered at Frightfest last year, and will be available to watch in June. Follow a black ops team who find themselves trapped in a terrifying, never-ending stairwell. Forced to climb or die, the group soon come face to face with their past sins in a desperate fight for survival. This stars Shayne Ward, Rachel Warren, Simon Meacock, Bentley Kalu, Samantha Schnitzler, and Toby Osmond. While it seems like a sci-fi concept, it leans way more into horror. There’s creepy ghosts everywhere, and they’re stuck because of some supernatural force wants to torment them. Maybe a bit too much style, and nowhere near enough substance. ›››

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