Official Trailer for 'Goff' Documentary About the Architect Bruce Goff

Goff Doc Trailer

“I think there will be a day when we wish we still had many of his structures still standing.” A teaser trailer is available for an intriguing documentary film titled Goff, the feature directorial debut of filmmaker Britni Harris. It’s not often we see films about architects, which already makes this unique. Bruce Goff was an American architect from the Midwest known as an Organic architect, best known for his eccentric designs that flew in the face of conventional architecture. His design philosophy came from the abstract term called, “continuous present,” coined by Gertrude Stein, which he described as living the past and present in one continuous stream. Goff thought that was the ideal of architecture, architecture that had no conventional beginning, middle or end but continued. Though well regarded in his time by Frank Lloyd Wright and cited as an influence by both Frank Gehry and Philip Johnson, Goff never attained the same level of canonization in the architectural world. With the future of Goff’s work uncertain, this documentary uncovers the mystery behind the man and the timeless nature of his designs. Plenty enough to intrigue me! I’m sold. Have a look. ›››

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