Official Trailer for Historical Epic, Experiential Horror 'Sword of God'

Sword of God Trailer

“He wanted to destroy the kingdom I’ve been building my whole life.” Film Movement has released the US trailer for a Polish historical epic titled Sword of God, which originally premiered at a Polish film festival in 2018. It also played at Cinepocalypse, and the Fantastic Film Festival Australia last year. Directed by Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Bartosz Konopka, this genre-bending historical epic has been hailed as a “stunning showcase of experiential horror.” Two men in the early Middle Ages come to a pagan land: one to bring Christianity, the other to find his way of living. They choose two different ways of reaching the pagans. In the fight between dialogue and force, one of them will die. This stars Krzysztof Pieczynski, Karol Bernacki, Wiktoria Gorodecka, Jacek Koman, Jan Bijvoet, and Jeroen Perceval. It looks crazy violent and intense as all hell, perhaps a taste of what things were really like back in the middle ages. ›››

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