Official US Trailer for Rebellious B&W Russian Film 'Dear Comrades!'

Dear Comrades! Trailer

“Soviet soldiers would never shoot at the people! How am I supposed to forget this?” Neon has released an official US trailer for the acclaimed Russian film titled Dear Comrades!, which originally premiered at the Venice Film Festival last year where it won a Special Jury Prize. The film is the latest work from popular Russian filmmaker Andrei Konchalovsky (Uncle Vanya), telling the story of a communist woman in a small town in 1962 whose life is changed when the Soviet army attacks and kills people during an uprising and protest. It’s based on a tragic true story that happened on June 2nd, 1962 in Novocherkassk that was kept secret until an investigation in the 90s. The victims were secretly buried in graves under fake names so they could never be found. Major suspects among the top Soviet officials were all dead by that time. And the culprits have never been convicted, of course. Starring Julia Vysotskaya, Vladislav Komarov, Andrei Gusev, Yulia Burova, and Sergei Erlish. Presented in B&W in the 4:3 Academy ratio. Take a look below. ›››

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