Polina Davydova in Intense Russian Thriller 'Sleepless Beauty' Trailer

Sleepless Beauty Trailer

“If we kidnap you, and forbid you to sleep, what happens with your mind?” Epic Pictures has released an official US trailer for a dark psychological thriller titled Sleepless Beauty, from Russian filmmaker Pavel Khvaleev. It just premiered at the Imagine Film Festival, and arrives on VOD in the US in November. A girl named Mila doesn’t notice she is under surveillance 24/7. As she comes home one day, she is kidnapped. The unknown abductors keep her in an old garage, talk to her through a loudspeaker and set strict rules: she must not sleep but has to fulfill weird tasks that they’ve prepared for her. It all looks like someone’s sick ideas and gloomy entertainment. Still, she doesn’t suspect that she’s part of a ruthless experiment. Sleepless Beauty stars Polina Davydova as Mila, with Evgeniy Gagarin and Sergey Topkov. This looks like Saw infused with VR, going even deeper into whether or not you can change someone and control them. Freaky. ›››

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