Trailer for Comedy '2 Minutes of Fame' with Jay Pharoah & Keke Palmer

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“Maybe the time spent there chasing your dreams is better off spent here, chasing a paycheck.” Lionsgate has released a trailer for a comedy titled 2 Minutes of Fame, formerly known as #TwoMinutesofFame (oh do I hate hashtag film titles and I’m glad they changed this one). The film is about a wannabe comedian who becomes internet famous after making impressions of another comedian. He heads to LA to try and achieve greater fame, but ends up in the cross-hairs of the veteran stand-up comic who “plots a rude—and hilarious—awakening for Deandre.” Jay Pharaoh stars as Deandre, with Keke Palmer as his girlfriend, and a cast including Katt Williams, RonReaco Lee, Kimrie Lewis, and Valery M. Ortiz. This looks solid, with good humor, but also some key lessons to learn about family, life, success, and fame. Might be worth a look. ›››

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